Gas Separations
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Benny Freeman - The University of Texas at Austin
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Glenn Lipscomb - University of Toledo
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Hans Wijmans – Membrane Technology & Research (MTR) Inc., e-mail Hans Wijmans
This workshop will cover the entire spectrum of membrane-based gas and vapor separations: from the materials science of gas separation membranes and the fundamentals of membrane transport to the design and economics of industrial gas separation applications. This workshop should be of interest to membrane researchers as well as membrane practitioners.

1. Materials: Freeman, 8-10:45 AM
Material science of gas separation membranes and transport mechanisms

2. Modules: Lipscomb, 10:45-12 and 1-2:30 PM
Module Manufacture (patent review)
A. Scroll/spiral wound module formation
B. Fiber bundle/tubesheet formation and types
C. Header and case design

Module Performance
A. Basic design equations for gas separations
B. Hollow fiber versus spiral wound
C. Module inefficiencies: fiber size/property variation & poor shell flow distribution
D. Novel designs

3. Applications: Wijmans, 2:30- 5:15 PM
Basics of Gas Separation System Design
A. Pressure ratio
B. Multi-step and multi-stage configurations

Gas Separation Industry: History and Overview
Air Separation
A. Nitrogen - enriched Air
B. Oxygen - enriched Air

Hydrogen Separation
Natural Gas Separation
A. Acid Gas Removal
B. Nitrogen Removal
C. NGL Recovery/Fuel Conditioning

VOC Removal/Recovery

Other Applications: Drying, Biogas Separation

Membrane Contactor Applications