Emerging Membrane Materials and Manufacturing Methods
Sunday, July 18, 2010
Bruce Hinds - University of Kentucky, e-mail Bruce Hinds
Suzana Nunes - Membranes Research Center, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, e-mail Suzana Nunes
Klaus-Viktor Peinemann - Membranes Research Center, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, e-mail Klaus-Viktor Peinemann
This workshop will focus on emerging new membrane materials (polymeric and inorganic/organic hybrids). Recent develop-
ments will be presented and their potential for future industrial applications will be discussed. Topics include: membrane manufacturing by molecular self- assembly of block copolymers and other components, carbon nanotubes as selective membrane channels, nanostructured mixed matrix membranes for gas and liquid separation, novel hybrid inorganic/organic membrane materials, latest developments in polymers with intrinsic microporosity, stimuli responsive membranes, membranes for controlled drug release, tailoring properties of multicomponent membranes. The most important recent patents in these fields will be reviewed.
Klaus-V. Peinemann has more than 25 years academic and industrial experience in the field of membrane materials and application. He was head of the department of Membrane Development at GKSS, Germany, coordinating a number of European projects in this field. He is co-founder of GMT Membrantechnik GmbH, one the few European companies developing and producing gas separation membranes. Klaus-V. Peinemann served as President of the European Membrane Society, he organised or coorganised 15 international workshops on membrane preparation. Since many years he is honorary Professor at the Leibniz University of Hannover on membranes for medical applications and he is currently Principal Scientist at KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

Suzana P. Nunes has been working on membrane science for more than 25 years. She was head of the department of Membranes for Energy at GKSS, Germany, working in the development of membranes for petrochemical applications, CO2 separation, hydrogen technology and fuel cell, coordinating European and National projects in the field and on the dissemination of membrane technology for young scientists (Marie Curie program). She was Associate Professor at the University of Campinas, Brazil, Humboldt fellow at the Mainz University in Germany and is currently Principal Scientist at KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

Bruce Hinds is Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky. The focus of the Hind's group research program is to fabricate functional materials at the nanometer scale. Bruce Hinds is a pioneer in carbon nanotube based membranes. He will present the state-of-the art of CNT-based membrane research and he will discuss the future perspectives.